Why You Need to Change Your Car’s Oil Often

Oil Change - Springfield, MO
Change your car’s oil often to ensure top performance!

Changing your oil is a part of routine maintenance that’s suggested by the manufacturer to keep your vehicle running in tip-top shape! While it may seem like a hassle, changing your oil has plenty of benefits that keep your engine running. Even more, not changing your oil can have consequences, but do you know what they are? We here at Corwin Dodge Ram are here to tell you just what can happen if you don’t change your oil often!

Oil has three main jobs within an engine block. First, it lubricates parts to keep components working together without damaging one another. Second, oil draws away heat generated by the constant explosions within the engine. Third, it prevents carbon and varnishes from building up on the cool parts of the engine.

If you don’t change your oil, carbon and varnishes will begin to build up on the crankcase, camshafts, and valves. This can lead to carbon deposits coming from the old oil which can only be fixed by an expensive engine cleaning. You may also need to replace your piston rings.

Worse, your pistons could seize up and the camshafts could take damage. A few oil changes are pocket change compared to the bills you’d get for these repairs.

If you want to learn how to change your own oil, here’s our handy guide!

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