Strategies to Step up Your Tailgating Game

Group having fun tailgating | Springfield, MO

Tailgating is a popular recreation for many people during the fall. If you’re getting ready to organize a little outdoor party involving you, your vehicle, and your favorite sports team, use these tailgating tips to make the experience less stressful and more enjoyable.

  1. Prepare Food Ahead of Time
    Make your tailgating menu and do your grocery shopping well in advance. The night before your big tailgating event, pack up all of your food in separate baggies and lidded containers so they’re easy to access and won’t spill onto other items.

  2. Bring Extra Ice
    Even if it’s a cool day, it’s extremely important to have plenty of ice on hand just to ensure your perishable items are safe to eat.

  3. Freeze Bottled Water
    An alternative to picking up an extra bag of ice? Freeze bottles of water the night before and use those to keep your cooler cold.

  4. Bring Extra Fuel
    Grilling meats, veggies, and fruits makes every tailgate party more delightful, so be sure you have plenty of extra fuel for your grill, whether its charcoal or propane. Even if you don’t use it all, you might have an opportunity to lend it to a tailgating neighbor, making new friends along the way.

  5. Secure Your Tent
    Bringing a canopy tent to your next tailgating event provides shade to your party and also blocks the sun’s rays from your television set so you can see the game better. Just be sure to bring weights and ropes so you can secure your tent to prevent it from flying away in a gust of wind.

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