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Diesel vs. Gas: What’s Best for Trucks?

Dodge Ram Truck - Springfield, MO
Every truck owner has to make the decision of whether they prefer diesel or gas.

Power. Durability. Grit. These are common words that are associated with trucks, and that’s for good reason. Trucks are used every day for some of the toughest jobs in the world. In order to keep these beasts running smoothly, some drivers have concerns about which type of fuel to use on a daily basis. The common concern is the battle of diesel vs. gas as the best option.

Fuel Efficiency

Right off the bat, diesel wins in the category of fuel efficiency, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Diesel engines outperform gasoline engines in fuel economy by over thirty percent because diesel engines burn less fuel while operating. Additionally, diesel fuel has a high energy density and therefore less fuel is needed overall to create the same amount of power as gas.


Next, we get to cost. Unfortunately, everything isn’t perfect for diesel engines. The cost of diesel is usually higher than that of its gasoline counterpart. Although overall gas prices have gone down in recent years, diesel still remains about ten to fifteen cents higher than regular gas.


Initially, you may think diesel is less environmentally friendly. Historically, this has been true, but thanks to EPA diesel emissions requirements that went into effect in 2010, the emissions of both regular gasoline and diesel have been almost the same since then. This section ends in a tie between the two.

Making the decision between diesel and gas may be something to seriously consider based on what you’ll be doing with your truck, so be sure to keep all factors in mind when choosing. If you have any additional questions, feel free to visit us here at Corwin Dodge Ram.

Consider This: A Few Important Factors When Buying A New Truck

2015 Ram 1500
What are the most important factors for you when it comes to buying a new truck?

When shopping for a new ride, you need to decide whether a car, SUV, CUV or truck is what you want. That decision in and of itself can be a difficult one. But once you’ve decided a truck is the way to go, there are still some things to consider. Here are a few important factors when buying a new truck!

Edmunds.com recommends examining the reasons that inspired your interest in a truck in the first place. Is it for work? Recreation? All-around use? Maybe a better question is: what will you be towing and who will you be carrying? These questions will tell you how much power you need, the size of your bed, the size of your cab and how tough a truck you need (light-duty or heavy-duty).

The most important factor is your budget. Of course, that includes purchase price. But it also very much includes fuel economy. Fuel efficiency is very significant when buying a truck because even though trucks, like every other vehicle, are getting more and more efficient, extra power will almost always come at a fuel cost.

Of course, there are many more important factors to consider when buying a new truck, especially when you consider how personal an experience buying a new vehicle can be. And that’s the key. Get a truck that makes you happy, ultimately.