Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa Gift Ideas | Corwin CDJR

A Secret Santa Gift Exchange is a great way to bring some holiday cheer to the office. But what if you pulled the name of someone you really don’t know all that well? Blow your gift recipient away with a thoughtful selection from this list of Secret Santa gift ideas.

Office Plant

A plant can do wonders to change the energy and mood of a space. Gift your coworker with a plant that’s easy to take care of and they can enjoy their Secret Santa gift for months to come.

Gift Certificate

A gift certificate may sound boring, but you can be sure it will be appreciated and put to use—especially if you choose one that caters to a person’s unique interest, whether it be video games, movies, or shopping.

Edible Treats

Everyone loves to snack, so curating a basket of unique snacks—be it chocolate, nuts, or a collection of unusual drinks—is a sure winner.

Desk Games

While you don’t want to encourage slacking, it is helpful to have something to give the mind a rest every now and then. A small, challenging toy like a Rubik’s cube or a book of puzzles might be just the gift to help your coworker have a little fun throughout the day.

Of course, if your Secret Santa is into all things automotive, then consider an accessory or item from Corwin Chrysler Dodge Jeep® Ram.

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