3 Ways to Prepare Your Truck for Spring

2019 Ram 1500 Limited | Springfield, MO

With spring on the way, it’s time to tackle do-it-yourself jobs and head out for some weekend recreation in your pickup. Before you hit the road, though, follow these three steps to make sure your truck is ready for the season.

Give it a good cleaning

Road salt is bad news for your truck’s body, so make sure you give the undercarriage a thorough wash for spring. While you’re at it, clean the floor mats and brush out all the salt, gravel, and other debris that ended up on your floors this winter. To save space, you can also move winter tools like shovels and ice scrapers to the garage.

Check the wipers

Winter can be hard on windshield wiper blades, so inspect yours to see if they need to be replaced — instead of finding out the hard way during a spring downpour. You’ll also want to refill the wiper fluid reservoir.

Care for the tires

If you use winter tires (and winter’s worst is over), make the change to summer tires. If you use all-season tires, make sure you take a moment to check the pressure and inspect the treads. Spring is also a good time to rotate the tires and get your vehicle aligned here at Corwin CDJR FIAT.

For any spring maintenance needs, bring your vehicle on down to Corwin CDJR Fiat.

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