Lumina Foundation Selects Springfield for Grant

College students
With the Lumina Foundation’s help, more students in Springfield will have the tools to access higher education!

The Lumina Foundation selected 20 cities to join its 75 member network and Springfield was one of them. The foundation is a national network that helps communities to improve the number of high school graduates who go on to college and the workplace. Post-secondary skills and credentials, like degrees and special training certification, are just a few areas the Lumina Foundation has assisted in.

With the selection comes a $120,000 planning grant over the next two years. The grant will be used to help Springfield students complete their higher education goals. As they gain skills through higher education, they will be able to meet the needs of the workforce.

Initial goals include increasing the number of juniors and seniors who take the ACT, complete the FAFSA application, graduate from high school with college credits, and start college the same year that they graduate from high school. Goals at the college level include keeping students on track, increasing the number of students who graduate “on time”, and to recruit adults who left school to complete their degree.

“With 75 communities across the nation working to align the work of business, civic and education efforts in their local communities, greater coordination will occur, resulting in tangible benefits for students of all ages,” said Jamie Merisotis, Lumina’s president and CEO. “These students in turn will become graduates who form the backbone of the future economic, social and cultural success of those communities.”

At Corwin Dodge, we’re so thrilled about this development!

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