Tips for Driving Safely During Deer Mating Season

Deer Mating Season Driving Tips

Whatever your feelings may be on hunting, no one wants to see a dead deer on the side of the road, especially not one put there by your own vehicle. Deer mating season and deer hunting season cause for more deer to be scampering out onto the roads. As we have reached that time of year again, we at Corwin Dodge thought it would be a good time to share some of our tips for driving safely during deer mating season.

  1. Use your high beams. When driving at night, use your high beams whenever safe for vehicles around you. A deer’s eyes will reflect the light, alerting you to its presence and giving you more time to prepare for whatever sudden actions the deer may take.
  2. Look for more than one. Deer tend to travel in packs. If you see one deer on the side of the road, be prepared to see another.
  3. Don’t swerve. If you find yourself crossing paths with a deer in the road, try to slow down as much as you reasonably can. Do not swerve your vehicle into another lane as this could cause a more serious accident. There is no guarantee you will avoid the deer, but it could cause you to hit another vehicle.
  4. Leave the deer alone. If you, unfortunately, are unable to avoid hitting a deer, refrain from trying to move it to safety yourself. If the deer is still alive, it may become frightened by your good intentions and further injure itself or you. Instead, call the police for help in filing an accident report and properly removing the deer from the roadway.

During deer mating season, we would all be wise to remain alert to deer on the move and give ourselves as much time as we can to react appropriately.

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