Dodge Super Bowl Spot: A Celebration of Life

Dodge's Celebration of Life ad stole the Super Bowl show
Did you catch Dodge’s powerful commercial during the Super Bowl?

Anyone who saw Super Bowl 2015 will likely remember the very controversial play at the goal line.  Outside of the game, certain ads stood out, some didn’t. We found ourselves besotted with the spot celebrating Dodge’s 100 year anniversary,

The Dodge Super Bowl spot featured quite a few charming centenarians, dispensing the kind of advice that can only come from having survived 100 years on this planet.  Some of the gems… “Live for now”…“Life is good…you make it good”…“Learn not to cheat”…“There are miracles all around you”…“Stay young”…“Always tell the truth”…”Put the pedal to the metal.”

The pedal to the metal?  That’s when we see Fred J. Wild, born in 1914, lighting up the tires on a grey Dodge Challenger. While the centenarians continue to deliver bezels of wisdom, we can see Wild doing donuts in his Challenger.

One final bit of advice from Lennie Bluett, born 1919: “Never forget where you came from.”  Amid the smoke from the Challengers burning tires, it’s hard not to get the impression that Dodge never will forget.  We certainly won’t at Corwin Dodge.

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