Dodge Rocks Gas Monkey Event Sponsors Motley Crue’s Farewell Tour

Dodge Rocks Gas Monkey EventThe Dodge Rocks Gas Monkey event, which recently brought together rock and roll  and classic cars in Dallas,  featured an awesome performance by Motley Crue. The concert celebrated both the band’s partnership with Dodge (which is sponsoring the group’s farewell tour) and the automakers 100th anniversary. The event was open to pre-registered Doge vehicle owners, which resulted in the Dodge Rocks Gas Monkey event attracting over 1,000 Dodge cars, as people drove in for some classic music.   Billboard reports that die-hard Crue fan Tim Kuniskis, who also happens to be the Dodge President, said Motely Crue “’fits the brand perfectly,’ especially as Dodge moves from any family-friendly vehicles such as the Avenger sedan and Caravan minivan to becoming a ‘mainstream performance brand.””

The Dodge partnership with Motley Crue started in 2013 when their song “Kickstart My Heart” was used in the car company’s ad campaigns. When the automaker had to renew the partnership, the band’s managers told them about the farewell tour, which is how the partnership got started.

The sponsorship goes through the end of the North American Motley Crue Farewell Tour, which ends November 22nd. Kickstart your heart with a new Dodge like the 2015 Challenger or Dart from Corwin Dodge today!

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