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Chrysler Builds Experience at World Class Manufacturing Academy

Though the Chrysler Group’s World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Academy opened nearly two years ago, the Academy’s significant expansion is finally complete. The WCM Academy now consists of 40,000 square feet of classrooms and hands-on learning stations for Chrysler’s employees.

Since its launch, more than 9,000 employees have gone through collaborative classes at the Academy, expanding the choice of classes from the original four offerings to 45.

“The WCM Academy has become a critical resource in furthering our employees’ understanding of the WCM methodology,” said Marcel Breault, Head of World Class Manufacturing, Chrysler Group LLC. “The more people we can train and the more classes we can offer, the faster we are able to accelerate the pace of change across our North American facilities and continue to deliver measurable results in all of our operations.”

Course material for the classes are created based on the specific needs of plants, allowing the Academy to increase the competence of Chrysler employees in a specific area. 70% of participants’ time is spent participating in hands-on activities in the laboratory and home plant workshops, allowing modules and courses to be adapted and modified as needed.

With this hands-on, flexible training, the World Class Manufacturing Academy has helped Chrysler Group take a step in the right direction. Follow those steps to Corwin Dodge and see just how well this training works for yourself!