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Common Car Lease Terms

Common Car Lease Terms - Handshake Graphic - Corwin Dodge Ram Blog

Like with all financial contracts, a car lease can be confusing for those who aren’t savvy to the terminology. Fortunately, a few basic terms can make the difference between a bad deal and good one. Here’s a quick rundown of some common car lease terms from us here at Corwin Dodge Ram.

Base Monthly Payment – This is the same as a monthly payment when buying a car. Instead of paying off the total cost, however, this cost covers any finance charges, fees, and depreciation of the vehicle.

Capitalized Cost Reduction – Essentially the same as a down payment when buying a car, this can lower the monthly payment and could make the difference in the lease’s approval.

Closed-End Lease – The most common type of lease, this ensures that the driver doesn’t owe any extra money on the vehicle once the contract reaches maturity.

Depreciation – This is what the driver pays for in the monthly payment. When a vehicle is leased, the lessee pays the difference between the new value and predetermined used value.

Excess Mileage Charge – Most lease contracts specifically state the maximum amount of miles the vehicle can be driven. Every mile over that amount will result in an additional charge once the contract reaches maturity.


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Chrysler November Sales Up 20 Percent


Dodge's lineup remains one of the most popular.
Dodge’s lineup remains one of the most popular.

Last month, Chrysler not only celebrated Thanksgiving, it also celebrated its best Chrysler November sales since 2001. It was also the 56th consecutive month of year-over-year sales growth.

Leading those sales was the Ram Truck brand, with a 31% increase over November 2013, making last month the brand’s best November since 2003. The Ram 1500 also won the Motor Trend half-ton truck shootout and was named the 2015 Green Truck of the Year last month, making it a great month overall.

As for Dodge, the Dart saw a 39% sales jump and had its best month ever. Last month, Dodge won the Hispanic Motor Press Awards’ “Best Sportcar” prize for the Challenger SRT Hellcat and took home Popular Mechanics’ “Best Muscle Car” award for the Hellcat, as well.

Altogether, six Dodge and Ram vehicles set sales records for the month, including the Dodge Dart, Ram ProMaster, Ram Cargo Van, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Journey, and Ram pickup truck.

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Dodge Durango and Journey Rock March Sales

Dodge’s March sales were able to reach great heights thanks to the Dodge Durango and Journey, two great staples in the Dodge lineup.

When it comes to March sales, Dodge’s poster child last month was no doubt the Durango, which posted its best March sales since 2005, perhaps still riding the wave of the extremely popular Ron Burgundy commercials. With sales up 22 percent compared to March 2013, the Durango succeeded in extending its streak of year-over-year sales gain to 17 months.

The Dodge Journey also showed great performance, with sales up 25 percent for the mid-size crossover’s best sales month ever. With enough room to comfortably seat up to seven and an award-winning 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 to carry them, the Journey is one of the most versatile and reliable mid-size crossover on the market.

In addition to the Dodge Durango and Journey, the Grand Caravan and Charger enjoyed significant success, with the former’s sales up 27 percent in March—the largest year-over-year percentage sales gain of any Chrysler Group vehicle that month—and with the latter’s sales up 15 percent, marking the Charger’s best March since 2007.

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Corwin 100 Years Sales Event at Corwin Dodge

Corwin 100 Years Sales Event

This year marks the 100th anniversary for the Corwin Automotive Group, and they want to share their excitement with everyone. If you come in to one of the dealerships, such as Corwin Dodge, and receive great discounts on new vehicles. Some of our dealerships are even giving away 100 Gallons of Gas and 100 Car Washes.*

Have you been thinking about getting a new car, but didn’t know if you would be getting any deals on one? Well, the deals that are going on now through the end of January will surely help to make your decision!

Corwin 100 Years Sales Event

100 Gallons of Gas – What else can you say except, “WOW! 100 gallons of gas is a lot of gas!” Let’s assume you are getting a vehicle with a 10 gallon tank. That would be 10 free fill-ups! If that vehicle gets, for instance, about an average of 25 mpg, you would get 2,500 miles for free! What a deal!

100 Car Washes – Some people may think: When will I need 100 car washes? Well, car washes aren’t just to make your car shiny and nice looking. They also help to prevent rust, gunk build up, and decay. So you can get a car wash once a month and have a clean, protected car for years!

Discounted APR rates and Leasing – on lots of models you will find discounted leasing rates and APR financing! This will help you to find the right vehicle for the right price and payments!

Don’t miss out on the Corwin 100 Years Sales Event! Stop in at Corwin Dodge today to check out our newest vehicles including the 2014 Dodge Avenger, 2014 Dodge Charger, and the 2014 Ram 1500.

*See dealer for details. Restrictions may apply.