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Air Force Dodge Vapor – Taking Things to New Heights

2014 Dodge Durango Interior
Dodge is no stranger to cutting edge designs. Just wait until you see the Vapor!

Introducing a Dodge Vapor imbued with Air Force technology that you will never see coming – literally.

In a partnership forged between the Air Force and Dodge, a matte finish radar-absorbing paint coats the Dodge Vapor, much like that of the F-117 Nighthawk stealth fighter, enabling the amalgamated car to travel undetected through the cover of darkness. Also added to the exterior are carbon fiber tire caps, a horizontal grille, and elements to improve aerodynamics.

The cockpit of the Air Force Dodge Vapor is accessed via the scissor doors and is equipped with an aircraft yoke and throttle lever replacing the steering wheel and gear selector.

Three LCD monitors take the place of the standard dashboard of the Dodge Vapor, which are mated to GPS navigation and internet capability. In addition, thermal imaging utilizes the 360-degree camera mounted to the top of the car. After all, one can not travel in stealth with headlights.

Originally commissioned by the Air Force and built by Galpin Auto Sports, the Air Force Dodge Vapor project is meant to educate “young people about the mechanical and technical career opportunities available within the (Air Force) organization.”

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