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Super Cop…Car: The New High-Tech Dodge Pursuit

What’s the coolest thing about cops? Impressive uniforms, maybe. Their dramatic authority, maybe. But most would say it’s the cop car that can make law enforcement so appealing, and the new, high-tech Dodge Pursuit is taking that coolness to the tippy-top.

One of the biggest, most noticeable changes to the Dodge Pursuit for 2016 is the removal of those enormous, clunky center-console laptops. Instead, Dodge has outfitted the Pursuit’s interior with a sleek, 12.1-inch screen enabled with Uconnect. Dodge went to the source to figure out the most effective and convenient design for their touchscreen, interviewing police specialists about what works and doesn’t.  Cops can use a keyboard embedded in between the driver’s and front passenger’s seats for ease and simplicity – we all know how hard to is to type out long messages on touch keyboards with one hand.

No word yet on if Dodge plans to incorporate their new 12.1-inch touchscreen into civilian vehicles, but the precedent is there (Tesla’s Model S has a futuristic 17-inch display).

The high-tech Dodge Pursuit is also highly powerful; each unit is powered by a 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine. Corwin Dodge Ram can’t wait to see one of these bad boys on the road (as long as it’s not behind us)!