The Best Coffee in Springfield, Missouri

Coffee - Springfield, MO
Search for great coffee shops here in Springfield – there are a lot of them!

We love a good cup o’ Joe. And although we do enjoy Starbucks, we also dig the local coffee shops. They have great coffee and a fantastic atmosphere. That is why we gathered a list of the local favorite places. If you are looking for a terrific cup of coffee, or a specialty drink, consider the following options, and click on each link to learn more about each coffee shop.

While this list does not cover all the amazing local coffee shops, we hope it gets you started on appreciating the local coffee of Springfield. For the best coffee in Springfield, Missouri, visit any of the above options. For the best vehicle in Springfield, visit Corwin Dodge Ram!

Dodge Truck Found in Mayhew Lake

Recently there was a visual display of good ol’ Dodge Dependability. A Minnesota local caught more than fish when fishing at Mayhew Lake.

The man was scouting for fish by lowering a camera into the lake. In addition to seeing fish, he saw a pickup truck under the water. He immediately called the local Benton County Sheriff’s office. A team of divers was sent in to examine the truck.

The truck was a Dodge pickup and the license plate matched that of one that had been reported stolen 16 years ago. The vehicle was found about 25 meters from the shore so authorities think that it was driven over the lake when it was frozen. It was then left on the frozen ice, but once the ice melted, the truck sank to the bottom of the lake.

2016 Dodge Durango
Nice try, lake. You can’t beat Dodge!

Although the car is too water-logged to run, the cold water preserved the vehicle quite well. There are no signs of bodywork damage, although the outside is rusted due to the water. Considering that the truck could have been in there since the turn of the century and has no bodywork damage, that is quite an impressive Dodge!

We know that Dodge is solidly built, but the Dodge truck found helps to prove that even more!