Dodge Challenger Drag Pak Versions

2015 Dodge Challenger - Springfield, MO
Get ready for some new versions of the already versatile Challenger!

If you thought the super powered Dodge Challenger Hellcat was the best Dodge could come up with, think again. The first factory-built Dodge Challenger drag racer tore into the pavement not long ago. Dodge unveiled two Drag Pak versions that make the Hellcat model look like a pint-sized pipsqueak.

The two Challenger Drag Pak models will run you a pretty penny more than the Hellcat. The Challenger 354 runs in at around $110,000 while the Challenger 426 rounds out at nearly $100,000.

Dodge isn’t telling just how much power the Drag Pak engines pump out, but we know what’s under the hood. The Challenger 354 rocks a supercharged 5.7-liter Hemi; it’s the first supercharged car in Fiat Chrysler’s Mopar parts group, which was founded way back in 1937.

The Challenger 354 can hit 150 mph in the quarter mile and runs the distance in eight seconds. That’s huge in drag racing.

If you’re hoping to grab one of these monsters, you’ll have to be quick. Only 60 Challenger Drag Pak 354 and 426s will be built in 2015. Ordering begins in late July and the drag racers will be built in July and August.

We are so glad to see a supercharged Dodge Challenger entering the drag racing ring!

Quick and Easy Car Cleaning

Car wash - Springfield, MO
Treat your car inside and out and you’ll feel more comfortable on the road!

Cleaning your car out can be a hassle, especially if you let too much trash and dirt accumulate inside. The longer you put it off, the dirtier it gets, meaning there’s more work when you decide to finally get to it. When you do get to cleaning out your car, make sure to do it right. We here at Corwin Dodge of Springfield have some quick and easy car cleaning tips to help you out!

  • Clear Out the Trash Literally taking out the trash will make everything that comes afterward so much easier. Without all the junk, old receipts, fast food bags, and so on in the way, you’ll find it much easier to locate dirt. You also may stumble across items you have previously thought were lost.
  • Deep Clean the Vents Simply sticking the vacuum hose up to the air vent won’t quite cut it. Instead, grab some furniture polish and a thin paint brush. Spray and clean deep inside the vent. The last thing you want is to blow dirt and dust all over your car’s interior right after cleaning it.
  • Shampoo Yes, this is something your car needs. If you eat in your car, crumbs can get ground into the floor mats and upholstery easily. To get everything out and good as new, grab a can of carpet cleaner and scrub brush and go to work on that dirt!