The Viper Returns to the Dodge Vehicle Lineup for 2015

Chrysler has some big plans for the next couple of years. You might have heard already how the automaker plans to discontinue the Dodge Grand Caravan after 2016 and focus all their minivan attention on the Town & Country. Sad news for us here at Corwin Dodge, but Chrysler made it up to us in a big way. The company recently announced they will be ending the SRT brand, which means the Viper will once again be in the Dodge vehicle lineup for 2015.

Dodge Vehicle Lineup for 2015
Thanks to some unfortunate discontinuations, the Dodge Viper SRT, like this one, will still be in the Dodge vehicle lineup for 2015.

The Viper is currently the only vehicle in the SRT brand, but it will slide back into the Dodge brand and immediately become the premium sports car model in the lineup. The Viper was housed under the Dodge umbrella previously, from 1993 to 2010, and now it comes home for 2015.

The current SRT Viper boasts impressive performance numbers like a top speed of 206 mph and a powertrain with 640 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque, and we’re sure that Chrysler has some great plans to make the Viper even more impressive and fun for its homecoming to the Dodge brand. Check back with us on the blog often for more updates about the Dodge vehicle lineup for 2015!

2014 Dodge Challenger Earned a Best Retained Value Award

Reliability and dependability are common buzzwords that are used to describe items that last a long time. In the automotive world, though, they mean something a little more than just a description. Those factors can help lead to awards, and from there can lead to high sales. For instance, the 2014 Dodge Challenger earned a Best Retained Value Award from, which shows how dependable and reliable it is.

2014 Dodge Challenger earned a Best Retained Value Award

When the 2014 Dodge Challenger earned a Best Retained Value Award, it meant a lot of things. It meant that customers who purchase this midsize/large coupe, the segment in which it won the award, are extremely satisfied and the resale value is high. That is exactly what Dodge and the Chrysler Brand strive for with each of its American-made vehicles.

If you are interested in the 2014 Challenger, then come to Corwin Dodge where we can hook you up with the award-winning vehicle. You won’t be disappointed with what it comes with.

“Dodge Challenger combines world-class ride, refinement and braking performance with more power and a track-tuned suspension to deliver a thrilling driving experience,” said a Dodge news release. “With its award-winning 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine producing 305 horsepower and an impressive 25 mpg highway, the Dodge Challenger is the most powerful, refined and technologically advanced entry-level Challenger ever.”

Setting Up a Tennis Ball Marker in Your Garage

Tennis Ball Marker in Your Garage
Who knew that something as simple as a tennis ball could help protect your car, your garage, and your stuff?

Whether you have a new teenage driver, or this is your first time with a garage for your car, you may be worried about objects being hit when you or someone else pulls into your garage. Well, it may be time to set up a tennis ball marker in your garage so you and others know where to correctly stop. This trick helps protect your car, your garage, and other items that may be around.

Now, there are two different ways to go about this. You can either do the really simple way, or the more advanced way (this involves a pulley system). Let’s take it one at a time.

How to Set Up a Tennis Ball Marker in Your Garage (Easy)
  1. Park your car in the garage exactly where it should be so that it is out of the way of the garage door, walls, or any items in the garage.
  2. Attach a hook to the ceiling of the garage to hang the string and tennis ball from. Make sure it is directly above where the steering wheel is in the car.
  3. Attach another hook to the tennis ball and tie a long string to it.
  4. Tie the other end of the string to the hook in ceiling so that the tennis ball is just touching the windshield of your car.
  5. Voila! The tennis ball marker in your garage is setup!

Here is a video for the easy style:

How to Set Up a Tennis Ball Marker in Your Garage (Advanced)

Follow the steps from above, with some changes.

  1. Replace the hook in the ceiling with a pulley.
  2. Run the string through the pulley and towards the garage door.
  3. Attach string towards the top of the garage door after you have measured where the ball should be when the door is open and closed.
  4. Test it out. If you ball stops in the correct spot while the door is open and retracts to the top of the ceiling when the door is closed, then you are good to go!

Here is a video for the advanced style:

For more tips and tricks with parking, driving, and other fun topics stay to Corwin Dodge

Two-Way Split Tailgate from RAM

In case you haven’t heard the news, Ram Trucks are becoming ever-more popular among drivers. The Ram 1500 has recently been named as Truck of the Year for the second consecutive year, which has never been done before. Well, now they are patenting something that seems a bit radical, but will definitely be awesome! The two-way split tailgate from Ram is currently underway, and will help with a lot of functions.

Two-Way Split Tailgate
Just imagine this tailgate with a split down the middle and you will get an idea of what is to come.

Everybody should be familiar with how tailgates on trucks fold down to help with laborious tasks. Ok, now imagine if it could do that, as well as opening from the middle like double doors, and each “door” of the tailgate being able to fold out or down on its own as well.

Having the capabilities mentioned above, the tailgate will make it easier for loading and unloading cargo and will be able to support different shapes and sizes. Sometime you try to load a bed into a truck, but is just a few inches too big to close the tailgate. This means that you have to leave your tailgate down just for those few inches. Well, with the two-way split tailgate from Ram, you can fold one down, while the other stays up and supports other cargo. Perfect!

Bad news is that we don’t know when we can first expect that appearance of this new design in Ram trucks. In fact, we don’t even have all the information on their plans. So make sure you keep your eyes peeled for any more information about this tailgate style, and we here at Corwin Dodge Ram will do the same.