Car Cooling Tips to Help Beat the Heat this Summer

Summer is quickly approaching and we want to make sure that you know how to keep your car interior cool, and in turn help to prevent you from being comfortable. Follow some of our easy car cooling tips in order to keep your interior cool this season.

Car Cooling Tips
The sun is going to be glaring down on your car, make sure you try to keep the interior cool.

Car Cooling Tips

Park in the shade. Direct sunlight to your car can heat up the inside very quickly. In fact, with an hour it can rise up to 50 degrees hotter than what it was originally. Shade helps to protect from those extreme heats. Tinted windows also do the same thing in terms of blocking out some of the sun’s heat.

Cover your windows. We have seen the people in parking lots who put up blockers in the windshield and never really thought twice about it. Well, it is time to join their side. Blocking the sunlight from getting in can help to keep the temperature lower.

Vent out the interior. Leaving windows cracked can help to allow airflow in the car, leading to a cooler interior. Or you can follow one of the car cooling tips that we think is terrific; get a battery powered mini-fan and have it point outside the crack in your window. That will help to circulate the hot air out.

Buy a car with cloth seated interior. Leather sits tend to absorb heat more than cloth seats. When looking at purchasing a new car, take that fact into consideration if you live in a hotter area, or if you hate hot seats that badly!

Park in your garage. Yes, we know that right now it is cluttered with old boxes, tools, and maybe even some stuff that you aren’t sure what it is. Take the time to clean it out, and then you can park your vehicle in there any help keep it cool!

Good news is that Corwin Dodge carries a wide variety of new vehicles that come with cloth seats, or tinted windows, or whatever else you may be looking for! Stop in today to see what all we have to offer including the Dodge Dart, Charger, and Challenger, all offered at excellent prices!

New Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Doesn’t Purr, It Roars

Have you been waiting for the most powerful Challenger to hit the streets? Well, it’s about that time seeing how the new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has been released. And, let’s just say that this Hellcat is sure to be king of the jungle with its impressive specs.

There are videos that show a muscle car shaking from how hard its engine is revving and the power behind it. This is going to make them shake for another reason.

New Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

  • 6.2-liter HEMI V-8 engine
  • 600+ horsepower
  • Rear wheel drive
  • 2.75 inch twin-exhaust system
  • Reinforced alloy and steel for high temperatures

We are just barely scratching the surface (pun intended) with that description. Check out this video to hear what it sounds like and see how beautiful it is:

Don’t know about you, but that definitely sent a sharp chill up our backs. There would be nothing better than getting to go for a test drive in the all-new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. With that kind of power you are going to feel like no one else on the road even matters. Unfortunately we do not have this beast at Corwin Dodge, but if we get one, we will be sure to let you all know!

Dodge Lineup Big Changes Coming In the Future

Hopefully by now you have heard the big news about the Fiat Chrysler 5-Year plan because there are some great things happening to the brand. Included in the plan are some Dodge lineup big changes like refreshes, new models, and vehicles being discontinued, but don’t worry, we are here to give you all that information.

Dodge Lineup Big Changes

Dodge SRT Challenger - Dodge Lineup Big Changes
Dodge will be focusing on SRT, so we can expect to see a lot more of this coming to auto shows!

Overall Dodge will be putting a lot of their attention on bringing SRT back into the brand.

2014 – Charger and Challenger refreshes, but it’s not all good news. We are saying goodbye to the Dodge Avenger so that the Chrysler 200 can get more focus.

2015 – Nothing too big here with Charger SRT and Viper refreshments.

2016 – Intro of the all-new Dart and Dart SRT, all-new Journey, and the death of the beloved Grand Caravan.

2017 – The new Journey SRT debuts accompanied by a Durango refresh

2018 – Two new vehicles will emerge from the lineup, a new B-segment sedan and a hatchback along with the all-new Charger, Charger SRT, Challenger, and Challenger SRT.

As you can clearly see, the Dodge lineup big changes include some awesome new vehicles and new designs that will surely blow our minds. For now, though, we are currently carrying new Dodge and Ram models that can quench you thirst until the new ones arrive!

Chrysler Builds Experience at World Class Manufacturing Academy

Though the Chrysler Group’s World Class Manufacturing (WCM) Academy opened nearly two years ago, the Academy’s significant expansion is finally complete. The WCM Academy now consists of 40,000 square feet of classrooms and hands-on learning stations for Chrysler’s employees.

Since its launch, more than 9,000 employees have gone through collaborative classes at the Academy, expanding the choice of classes from the original four offerings to 45.

“The WCM Academy has become a critical resource in furthering our employees’ understanding of the WCM methodology,” said Marcel Breault, Head of World Class Manufacturing, Chrysler Group LLC. “The more people we can train and the more classes we can offer, the faster we are able to accelerate the pace of change across our North American facilities and continue to deliver measurable results in all of our operations.”

Course material for the classes are created based on the specific needs of plants, allowing the Academy to increase the competence of Chrysler employees in a specific area. 70% of participants’ time is spent participating in hands-on activities in the laboratory and home plant workshops, allowing modules and courses to be adapted and modified as needed.

With this hands-on, flexible training, the World Class Manufacturing Academy has helped Chrysler Group take a step in the right direction. Follow those steps to Corwin Dodge and see just how well this training works for yourself!

Dodge Brand Celebrates 100 Years in Style

Dodge Brand Turning 100

This summer, the Dodge brand will officially be 100 years old, but isn’t showing any signs of age. The brand kicked off the celebrations at the New York Auto Show with a dynamic video showcasing some great centenarians sharing some words of wisdom and showing a bit of a wild side.

A lot of the century celebration is focused on the refreshed 2015 Dodge Charger and Challenger—two key cars in the Dodge lineup.

Tim Kuniskis, president and CEO of the Dodge brand, talked about why the refresh of these two models is so important, “It is extremely important to what Dodge is. Combined Charger/Challenger sales are 150,000 units per year out of 600,000. People identify with the brand as a result of these two cars.”

To help promote these two cars and continue the Dodge birthday party, Dodge will be headed out this year on the Dodge Power Rallye Tour. This tour will head across the country to more than 50 events this summer, including state fairs, music festivals, art shows, and more. The tour will feature test drives for the public and showcase the 100th anniversary models of the Challenger and Charger and 30th anniversary model of the Caravan.

If you’re looking forward to the 2015 Dodge Charger and Challenger that come out later this year, consider the Double Up program, where you can lease a 2014 Charger or Challenger and trade it in for the 2015 model next year at no additional charge.

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